Earth Integrated Medicine, LLC
Naturopathic, Acupuncture & Herbal medicine with Dr. Crystal Urban

Appointments & Fees

To request an appointment call 715-610-6544 or email  We do not accept text of other media platforms.  Dr. Urban takes a limited amount of patients to ensure best care of her patients.  To see if we are a good fit, start the ball rolling by calling or emailing.


New Patient Appointments

 Payment for service is due at the time of visit.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, personal check or cash. Starting January 1st, 2024 all card payment with have a 3% charge.  We do not bill insurance or workmens comp.  If you have an insurance policy that covers our services, let us know and we will print a receipt with insurance codes.  It is your responsibility to file and deal with any and all insurance company correspondence and requests.

New Naturopathic Patient:  This appointment is for anyone who hasn't seen Dr. Urban in the past 2 years.  Your appointment will include time with the doctor spent face-to-face for you to express your concerns as well as your health goals.  Dr. Urban will take the time to obtain a thorough medical history and to perform a pertinent physical exam.  Your appointment will also include time for Dr. Urban to review your intake form, recent laboratory tests, and the natural products you are taking.  She will discuss options and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  Please fill out vitamin and supplement form completely (also include strength of medications and when you take it) as well as copies of any recent laboratory reports to your appointment.  This appointment will be approximately 75 to 90 minutes long and cost $270.

New Patient Acupuncture Appointment:  Dr. Urban will obtain a medical history as well as pulse and tongue observation to determine a Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis.  She will administer an Acupuncture treatment based on this Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis.  Other Chinese medicine modalities such as gua sha, cupping, moxa and herbal poultice will be incorporated into the treatment as appropriate.  This appointment will be approximately 45-60 minutes long and costs $145

Phone Consult: New Naturopathic Patient:  Dr. Urban prefers to meet new patients face to face, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  Therefore, phone consultations are  offered as an option with prior approval from Dr. Urban.  To get the most out of your appointment, the new patient paperwork must be completed and delivered to the office (via mail or email) at least 1 week prior to appointment.  That way Dr. Urban can review it and start learning about you prior to the phone appointment.  Information is a powerful tool in determining the root cause of illness, therefore the better the information, the quicker effective treatment can begin.  New patient forms can be downloaded and printed from the website under the ‘Forms’ tab.  New patient paperwork includes the following:

Patient Intake Form

Policy and Consent for Treatment Form

Privacy Policy Form

Vitamin and Supplement Form

Recent laboratory reports and medical records

If there are extensive medical records (taking longer than 30 minutes to review), an additional charge will apply.  The phone consult time will be up to 45 minutes.  Dr. Urban will listen to your story, ask lots of questions and discuss options during the phone consult.  After the phone consult you will receive recommendations and a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.  This appointment costs $270

 Second Opinion or Additional Medical Record Review: Charge $90 for each 15 minute increment.

Follow-up Appointments

Naturopathic Follow-Up:  Will include an evaluation of symptoms since last visit, investigation of any new symptoms, answer any questions, do a pertinent physical exam of an established patient and make treatment recommendations. This appointment takes up to 45 minutes and costs $145. 

Acupuncture Follow-Up: Will include a review of your symptoms since last visit, investigate any changes in symptoms or new symptoms, answer any questions and administer an acupuncture treatment.  Other Chinese medicine modalities such as gua sha, cupping, moxa and herbal poultice will be incorporated into the treatment as appropriate. This appointment will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes and cost $125.

Phone Consult Naturopathic Follow-up For established patients who travel great distance to see Dr. Urban, a follow-up phone consult may be an option (but needs to have prior approval from Dr. Urban).  Dr. Urban will answer your questions and prescribe refills if necessary.  You can schedule by using the on-line scheduler, requesting a day a time through the 'contact me' message or by calling 715-610-6544.  Phone consults are up to 30 minutes and cost $145.

Brief Phone Consult Follow-up: For established patients, a brief phone consult up to 15 minutes and cost $90.