Phone Appointments and Fees

Phone Consult: New Naturopathic Patient:  Dr. Urban prefers to meet new patients face to face, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  Therefore, phone consultations are now offered as an option.  To get the most out of your appointment, the new patient paperwork must be completed and delivered to the office (via mail or email) at least 1 week prior to appointment.  That way Dr. Urban can review it and start learning about you prior to the phone appointment.  Information is a powerful tool in determining the root cause of illness, therefore the better the information, the quicker effective treatment can begin.  New patient forms can be downloaded and printed from the website under the ‘Forms’ tab.  New patient paperwork includes the following:

Patient Intake Form

Policy and Consent for Treatment Form

Privacy Policy Form

Vitamin and Supplement Form

Recent laboratory reports and medical records

If there are extensive medical records (taking longer than 30 minutes to review), an additional charge will apply.  The phone consult time will be up to 45 minutes.  Dr. Urban will listen to your story, ask lots of questions and discuss options during the phone consult.  After the phone consult you will receive recommendations and a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.  This appointment costs $260

 Additional Medical Record Review Charge $75 for each 30 minute increment.

Phone Consult Appointment Follow-up: For established patients follow-up phone consult are up to 45 minutes and cost $130.

Brief Phone Consult Follow-up: For established patients, a brief phone consult up to 20 minutes and cost $80.